Biochemistry (Moscow)

, Volume 76, Issue 13, pp 1402–1433 | Cite as

Y-box-binding protein 1 (YB-1) and its functions

  • I. A. Eliseeva
  • E. R. Kim
  • S. G. Guryanov
  • L. P. Ovchinnikov
  • D. N. Lyabin


This review describes the structure and functions of Y-box binding protein 1 (YB-1) and its homologs. Interactions of YB-1 with DNA, mRNAs, and proteins are considered. Data on the participation of YB-1 in DNA reparation and transcription, mRNA splicing and translation are systematized. Results on interactions of YB-1 with cytoskeleton components and its possible role in mRNA localization are discussed. Data on intracellular distribution of YB-1, its redistribution between the nucleus and the cytoplasm, and its secretion and extracellular functions are summarized. The effect of YB-1 on cell differentiation, its involvement in extra- and intracellular signaling pathways, and its role in early embryogenesis are described. The mechanisms of regulation of YB-1 expression in the cell are presented. Special attention is paid to the involvement of YB-1 in oncogenic cell transformation, multiple drug resistance, and dissemination of tumors. Both the oncogenic and antioncogenic activities of YB-1 are reviewed. The potential use of YB-1 in diagnostics and therapy as an early cancer marker and a molecular target is discussed.

Key words

YB-1 Y-box binding proteins regulation of gene expression DNA repair transcription translation oncogenesis oncomarker multidrug resistance metastasis 



alanine/proline-rich domain


cytoplasmic retention site


cold shock domain


C-terminal domain

dbp A and B

DNA-binding proteins A and B


epithelial mesenchymal transition

FRGY1 and 2

frog Y-box proteins 1 and 2


interferon γ


messenger ribonucleoproteins


nuclear localization signal


poly(A) binding protein


transforming growth factor β


tumor necrosis factor α


untranslated region


Y-box binding protein 1


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