Biochemistry (Moscow)

, 76:981 | Cite as

Role of Epac proteins in mechanisms of cAMP-dependent immunoregulation

  • S. V. ShirshevEmail author


This review presents observations on the role of Epac proteins (exchange protein directly activated by cAMP) in immunoregulation mechanisms. Signaling pathways that involve Epac proteins and their domain organization and functions are considered. The role of Epac1 protein expressed in the immune system cells is especially emphasized. Molecular mechanisms of the cAMP-dependent signal via Epac1 are analyzed in monocytes/macrophages, T-cells, and B-lymphocytes. The role of Epac1 is shown in the regulation of adhesion, leukocyte chemotaxis, as well as in phagocytosis and bacterial killing. The molecular cascade initiated by Epac1 is examined under conditions of antigen activation of T-cells and immature B-lymphocytes.

Key words

Epac proteins monocytes/macrophages T-lymphocytes B-lymphocytes 



adenylate cyclase


A kinase anchoring protein


antigen-presenting cell


B-cell receptor




cluster of differentiation


CrkSrk homology 3 (SH3) domain guanine nucleotide exchanger


complement receptor




exchange protein directly activated by cAMP


extracellular signal-regulated kinase


O-class forkhead transcription factor


guanine nucleotide exchange factor


G-protein coupled receptor








Janus kinase (Just another kinase)


N-terminal kinase of the Jun transcription factor


tyrosine kinase of the Src family


leukocyte function associated antigen-1


mitogen-activated protein kinase


major histocompatibility complex


phosphatidic acid








protein kinase A


protein kinase B


protein kinase C


phospholipase C


small GTPase


GTPaseactivating protein


guanine nucleotide-releasing protein


regulator of cell adhesion and polarization in the lymphoid tissue


reactive oxygen species


T-cell receptor


transendothelial migration


transforming growth factor


tumor necrosis factor


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