Biochemistry (Moscow)

, Volume 74, Issue 13, pp 1505–1534 | Cite as

Molecular diversity of spider venom

  • A. A. Vassilevski
  • S. A. Kozlov
  • E. V. Grishin


Spider venom, a factor that has played a decisive role in the evolution of one of the most successful groups of living organisms, is reviewed. Unique molecular diversity of venom components including substances of variable structure (from simple low molecular weight compounds to large multidomain proteins) with different functions is considered. Special attention is given to the structure, properties, and biosynthesis of toxins of polypeptide nature.

Key words

spider venom toxin neurotoxin cytolytic peptide acylpolyamine latrotoxin toxic enzymes protein structure and function biosynthesis 



amino acid residue


antimicrobial peptide




cytolytic peptide


cysteine-stabilized α-helix-β-sheet motif


disulfide-directed β-hairpin motif


endoplasmic reticulum


extra structural motif


inhibitor cystine knot motif


median lethal dose


molecular mass


nuclear magnetic resonance


principal structural motif


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