Biochemistry (Moscow)

, Volume 74, Issue 1, pp 1–11 | Cite as

Biochemical and molecular characterization of plant MYB transcription factor family

  • Hai Du
  • Li Zhang
  • Lei Liu
  • Xiao-Feng Tang
  • Wen-Jie Yang
  • Yan-Min Wu
  • Yu-Bi HuangEmail author
  • Yi-Xiong TangEmail author


MYB genes are widely distributed in higher plants and comprise one of the largest transcription factors, which are characterized by the presence of a highly conserved MYB domain at their N-termini. Over recent decades, biochemical and molecular characterizations of MYB have been extensively studied and reported to be involved in many physiological and biochemical processes. This review describes current knowledge of their structure characteristic, classification, multi-functionality, mechanism of combinational control, evolution, and function redundancy. It shows that the MYB transcription factors play a key role in plant development, such as secondary metabolism, hormone signal transduction, disease resistance, cell shape, organ development, etc. Furthermore, the expression of some members of the MYB family shows tissuespecificity.

Key words

MYB transcription factors classification secondary metabolism multi-functionality signal transduction 



abscisic acid


ABA responsive element


avian myeloblastosis virus


anthocyanidin synthase


cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase




chalcone isomerase


chalcone synthase


p-coumaroyl-4-CoA ligase


dihydroflavonol reductase






nuclear localization signal


phenylalanine ammonium lyase


transcription factor(s)


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  • Li Zhang
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  • Lei Liu
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  • Xiao-Feng Tang
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  • Wen-Jie Yang
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  • Yan-Min Wu
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  • Yu-Bi Huang
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  1. 1.Maize Research InstituteSichuan Agricultural UniversityYaanChina
  2. 2.Biotechnology Research InstituteChinese Academy of Agricultural SciencesBeijingChina

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