Biochemistry (Moscow)

, Volume 73, Issue 9, pp 957–964 | Cite as

Aconitate hydratase of mammals under oxidative stress

  • L. V. MatasovaEmail author
  • T. N. Popova


Data on the structure, functions, regulation of activity, and expression of cytosolic and mitochondrial aconitate hydratase isoenzymes of mammals are reviewed. The role of aconitate hydratase and structurally similar iron-regulatory protein in maintenance of homeostasis of cell iron is described. Information on modifications of the aconitate hydratase molecule and changes in expression under oxidative stress is generalized. The role of aconitate hydratase in the pathogenesis of some diseases is considered.

Key words

aconitase citrate oxidative stress iron iron-regulatory proteins regulation of activity and expression 



aconitate hydratase


cytoplasmic aconitase isoenzyme


hemoregulatory motif




iron-sensitive elements


iron-regulatory proteins


labile iron pool


mitochondrial aconitase isoenzyme


mitochondrial ferritin


reactive oxygen species


superoxide dismutase

TCA cycle

tricarboxylic acid cycle


tumor necrosis factor-α


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