Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology

, Volume 52, Issue 2, pp 210–215 | Cite as

Content of Osmolytes and Flavonoids under Salt Stress in Arabidopsis thaliana Plants Defective in Jasmonate Signaling

  • T. O. Yastreb
  • Yu. E. Kolupaev
  • A. A. Lugovaya
  • A. P. Dmitriev


The effects of the salt stress (200 mM NaCl) and exogenous jasmonic acid (JA) on levels of osmolytes and flavonoids in leaves of four-week-old Arabidopsis thaliana L. plants of the wild-type (WT) Columbia-0 (Col-0) and the mutant jin1 (jasmonate insensitive 1) with impaired jasmonate signaling were studied. The increase in proline content caused by the salt stress was higher in the Col-0 plants than in the mutant jin1. This difference was especially marked if the plants had been pretreated with exogenous 0.1 μM JA. The sugar content increased in response to the salt stress in the JA-treated WT plants but decreased in the jin1 mutant. Treatment with JA of the WT plants but not mutant defective in jasmonate signaling also enhanced the levels of anthocyanins and flavonoids absorbed in UV-B range in leaves. The presence of JA increased salinity resistance of the Col-0 plants, since the accumulation of lipid peroxidation products and growth inhibition caused by NaCl were less pronounced. Under salt stress, JA almost did not render a positive effect on the jin1 plants. It is concluded that the protein JIN1/MYC2 is involved in control of protective systems under salt stress.


Arabidopsis thaliana adaptation flavonoids jasmonic acid protein JIN1/MYC2 proline salt stress signaling 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • T. O. Yastreb
    • 1
  • Yu. E. Kolupaev
    • 1
  • A. A. Lugovaya
    • 1
  • A. P. Dmitriev
    • 2
  1. 1.Dokuchaev National Agrarian UniversityKhar’kovUkraine
  2. 2.Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic EngineeringNational Academy of Sciences of UkraineKievUkraine

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