Glass state of superfluid 3He-A in an aerogel

  • G. E. Volovik
Condensed Matter


The glass states formed in superfluid 3He confined in an aerogel are discussed. If the short-range order corresponds to the A-phase state, the glass state is nonsuperfluid in the long-wavelength limit. Superfluidity can be restored by application of a small mass current. The transitions between the superfluid and nonsuperfluid glass states can be triggered by small magnetic fields and by the change of the tipping angle of the magnetization in NMR experiments.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • G. E. Volovik
    • 1
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  1. 1.Low Temperature LaboratoryHelsinki University of TechnologyEspooFinland
  2. 2.L. D. Landau Institute for Theoretical PhysicsMoscowRussia

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