The Hanle effect in forward scattering in excited media

  • B. A. Veklenko
Atoms, Spectra, Radiation


A new method for calculating the density matrix of a quantized electromagnetic field which interacts with the environment in the presence of kinetic processes in the medium is suggested. This method accurately takes into account photon-photon quantum correlators and possesses certain symmetry properties, which substantially facilitate the summation of the Feynman diagrams that arise in the calculations. Forward scattering of resonance radiation by two-level gas atoms in a magnetic field is considered as an application. Insufficiency of a semiclassical description of this coherent process in excited media with the use of the unique tensor index of refraction is shown to follow from quantum electrodynamics. The introduction of one more function depending on the frequency of irradiation and the concentration of excited atoms is necessary. Experiments that simultaneously determine both this additional function and the standard refractive index of the medium are specified.


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  • B. A. Veklenko
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  1. 1.Moscow Power InstituteMoscowRussia

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