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Parallel Statistical Computing for Statistical Inference

  • Guangbao GuoEmail author


Parallel statistical computing is an interesting and topical problem, driven by recent growth in the size of statistical data sets and the availability of network computing. This article reviews parallel statistical computing in regression analysis, nonparametric inference, and stochastic processes. In particular, we describe a range of methods including parallel multisplitting and the parallel QR method for least squares estimation in linear regression, parallel computing methods for nonlinear regression, the theoretical framework of the parallel bootstrap in nonparametric inference, preconditioner methods for Markov chains, and parallel Markov-chain Monte Carlo methods. We conclude that there is a need for further research in parallel statistical computing, and describe some of the important unsolved problems.

AMS Subject Classification

62G07 62G09 62J02 62J05 58J65 


Nonparametric inference Regression Statistical computing Stochastic processes 


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