Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice

, Volume 2, Issue 3, pp 475–491 | Cite as

Some Developments in Semiparametric Statistics

  • Anton SchickEmail author
  • Wolfgang Wefelmeyer


In this paper we describe the historical development of some parts of semiparametric statistics. The emphasis is on efficient estimation. We understand semiparametric model in the general sense of a model that is neither parametric nor nonparametric. We restrict attention to models with independent and identically distributed observations and to time series.

AMS Subject Classification

Primary 62G08 62M10 Secondary 62F12 62G05 62G20 62M05 


Efficiency convolution theorem Newton-Raphson procedure linear constraint marginal constraint symmetric location model copula model semiparametric regression partly linear regression nonparametric regression conditional constraint moving average autoregression linear process prediction quasi-likelihood model estimating equation local U-statistic 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mathematical SciencesBinghamton UniversityBinghamtonUSA
  2. 2.Mathematical InstituteUniversity of CologneCologneGermany

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