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Fighting for oil in the skies? The case of the KC-X programme

  • Alexandre VautraversEmail author


Some of the most crucial US Air Force (USAF) aircraft today are over 60 years old. How much longer will it be before replacing the aging fleet of tanker airplanes? After three, maybe four successive stalls, the competition between the Boeing and EADS KC-X programmes has heated up. But in spite of its considerable experience and generous budget, the Department of Defence showed its limits when trying to manage such a high-stake project. After a decade-long saga, several questions remain: will the US Air Force receive the asset it really needs? Is this multi-billion dollar programme simply a subsidy in disguise for Boeing? And, by the way, does USAF really need new refuelling tankers?

Key words

procurement US Air Force refuelling aircraft boeing airbus corruption subsidies 


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