Journal of Transatlantic Studies

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Book Review

  • Tristan StrikerEmail author


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  1. African diaspora: a history through culture, by Patrick Manning, New York, Columbia University Press, 2010, 423 pp., $21.77, ISBN 9780231513555 (ebook), ISBN 9780231144711 (paperback).Google Scholar
  2. Darker than blue: on the moral economies of Black Atlantic culture, by Paul Gilroy, Cambridge, MA, Belknap Press, 2010, 207 pp., $17.23 (paperback), ISBN 9780674035706Google Scholar
  3. Working the diaspora: the impact of African labor on the Anglo-American world, 1650–1850, by Frederick Knight, New York, New York University Press, 2010, 242 pp., $23.00, ISBN 9780814749128 (ebook), ISBN 9780814748183 (paperback)CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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