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, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 132–133 | Cite as

Evaluation of phosphonic (phosphorous) acid for the control of Phytophthora cambivora on almond and cherry in South Australia

  • T. Wicks
  • B. Hall


Phosphonic acid applied as a soil drench, a foliar spray or a trunk injection before infection prevented the development of cankers in almond and cherry trees inoculated with Phytophthora cambivora. Foliar applications of 2 g phosphonic acid/L in autumn and spring were an effective and practical treatment. Trunk injections were also effectively but in some cases caused severe leaf scorch and leaf drop.


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  • T. Wicks
    • 1
  • B. Hall
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of AgricultureAdelaide

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