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Table 9 Variables and weights of the KOF globalization index

From: Globalization, economic development, and corruption: A cross-lagged contingency perspective

Indices and variables Weights (%)
Economic globalization 36
(i) Actual flows 50
  Trade (percent of GDP) 21
  Foreign direct investment, stocks (percent of GDP) 28
  Portfolio investment (percent of GDP) 24
  Income payments to foreign nationals (percent of GDP) 27
(ii) Restrictions 50
  Hidden import barriers 22
  Mean tariff rate 28
  Taxes on international trade (percent of current revenue) 26
  Capital account restrictions 24
Social globalization 37
(i) Data on personal contact 33
  Telephone traffic 25
  Transfers (percent of GDP) 2
  International tourism 26
  Foreign population (percent of total population) 21
  International letters (per capita) 25
(ii) Data on information flows 36
  Internet users (per 1000 people) 37
  Television (per 1000 people) 39
  Trade in newspapers ((percent of GDP) 25
(iii) Data on cultural proximity 32
  Number of McDonald’s restaurants (per capita) 47
  Number of Ikea (per capita) 47
  Trade in books (percent of GDP) 6
Political globalization 27
  Embassies in country 25
  Membership in international organizations 27
  Participation in U.N. Security Council missions 22
  International treaties 26
  1. Note Weights may not sum to 100 because of rounding