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Reputation at Risk: The Social Responsibility of NGOs

A Critical View of Post-communist Environmental NGO Impact

An Erratum to this article was published on 01 February 2017


The study of Sustainability, Reputation, and Social Responsibility has put substantial pressure on businesses and corporations in recent decades to change behavior. This paper will view the accountability of NGOs in the context of these disciplines. It will examine, whether post-Soviet/post-communist NGOs funded by western governments and institutions act in a socially responsible manner and whether their impact on business reputation serves the societies in post-communist countries. The paper seeks to demonstrate the tendency (particularly of environmental NGOs) to focus on short-term goals that may in the long run hurt the investment reputation of the countries and NGOs themselves.

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Any opinion implied or directly stated in this article belongs to that of Anna Saghabalyan and does not represent that of “Lydian Armenia”.

This paper is based on Anna Saghabalyan’s Masters’ Thesis at Rotterdam School of Management “The Impact of Environmental NGOs/CSOs on the Business Environment in Post-Communist Countries,” which won The Shell Stimulation Award for “Excellence in Corporate Communication” in 2014.

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