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Review of Rogers, Colin. 2017. Plural Policing: Theory and Practice. Bristol: Policy Press. ISBN 978 1 4473 2541 3. £19.99. pp. 155

  • Julak Lee
Book Review

Plural policing has been a widely researched topic since the 1990s. Notably, scholars in the UK and the US have examined the concept with greater zeal than their counterparts in other parts of the world. As a result of these inquiries, there is general consensus regarding the definition and the main constituents of plural policing. Building on these works, this book by Colin Rogers uses a unique approach to take into account social, economic, and political conditions behind and developments in policing. Predicated on 30 years of field experience in South Wales Police, Rogers explains how policing in England and Wales has pluralised. Throughout the book, he sheds light on how plural policing in the UK has taken its current form after transitioning through different phases.

Plural Policingcomprises three sections. The first section addresses the principles and the nature of plural policing. In Chapter One, a clear distinction is made between ‘the police’ and ‘policing’. This...


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