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Travel Marketing, Tourism Economics and the Airline Product. An Introduction to Theory and Practice

M.A. Camilleri, Springer International Publishing AG, 2018, eBook, 213 pp.,
  • Maya IvanovaEmail author
Book Review

On the first sight my attention was captured by the wide coverage of this book and the special focus on the airline industry. I was interested to see finally a study, dedicated to the airline marketing and examining the airline business entirely as part of the tourism and travel industry. My expectations were, however, only partially fulfilled.

The book consists of 12 chapters, distributed into 3 parts—Part I: An Introduction to Travel Marketing, Part II: Tourism Economics and Part III: The Airline product. The initial intention of the author seems to compile a single source of airline marketing, explored in the wider context of the whole tourism industry. Therefore, the first chapter serves as introduction to the tourism industry with brief explanation of the main participants, terms and concepts. The chapter is very rich with a lot of explanations and perspectives, reflecting the author’s endeavour to insert as much information as possible to lay the foundations of the topic. Next...

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