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Gianluca Passarelli (Ed.), The presidentialisation of political parties. Organisations, institutions and leaders

Palgrave, Basingstoke, 2015, ISBN 978-1-137-48246-4, $79.99
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Book Review

Political leaders are becoming the key actor in democratic systems, by concentrating power in their hands at the top of political parties and government. Consequently, a relevant strand of political science literature has been devoting to understand how democratic politics is changing under the impact of the process of personalisation of politics, one of the more relevant trends in the recent years. A new and sometimes contested category, “presidentialisation”, has been also forged in order to indicate that many political systems are starting to act in a more similar way to presidential regimes. Moreover, several scholars are accepting the challenge to apply comparative methods on a large set of countries to catch why, when and where presidentialisation occurs.

Inserted in this theoretical framework, the book edited by Gianluca Passarelli adds new knowledge to our understanding of presidentialisation of political parties, by observing 11 democracies belonging to the three traditional...

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