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Table 2 Comparison of blueKiwi and Circuit functionalities (blueKiwi 2017; Unify 2016)

From: Zero Email initiative: a critical review of Change Management during the introduction of Enterprise Social Networks

  blueKiwi Circuit
Main goal Collaboration as well as information and knowledge sharing tool used as social intranet Real-time communication tool developed as a platform
Communities Public or private teamwork spaces for cross-functional information sharing across borders and hierarchies Team collaboration can be organized in conversations, searchable threads consisting of texts, documents, and other input
Communication Private messages and community messages Real-time call options, conferences, and screen sharing with high-quality voice and HD video that can be moved from device to device. Private and group messages can be posted in conversations
Content sharing Content can be shared as member posts or within communities. Following content can be created and uploaded in blueKiwi: Messages, Documents (Notes, Files, and Bookmarks), Videos, Surveys, Events, Ideas, Questions and Tasks. Structure can be accomplished by using tags, comments and notes. Graphical adjustments are possible cloud for file sharing
All conversations can be searched to find people, files, and specific words
Profiles Detailed profiles on which member searches can be performed Simple profiles with basic information about user
Analytics Statistical options for analysis of community and workspace activities No analytic features
Mobility Applications for tablet and phone devices Applications for tablet and phone devices. Circuit meeting room device for conferences within small rooms