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Commercial nationalism and tourism: selling the national story

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Commercial Nationalism and TourismSelling the National Story, edited by Leanne White, is an interesting follow up to the author’s previous co-edited books on national and place identity. Part of the Aspects of Tourism series, this is a welcome addition filling a void in tourism knowledge.

Built on academic analysis and critical reflection, this book examines how narratives are woven to tell (and sell) a national story. White draws on a wide range of international contributors to explore nationalism, tourism and events. Case studies in the book range from National Parks in Canada and branding New Zealand to the National Gallop in Hungary. This interesting range of examples reflects the global nature and importance of this particular topic.

The book is divided into three parts, each exploring different aspects of the topic area:

Part 1 of the book explores National Narratives, Heritage and Tourism. The six chapters in the first part of the book provide an insight into how national...

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