Review of AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley and the New World Order, by Kai-Fu Lee

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Let me start by concluding that AI Superpowers is a great read, and well worth the modest investment in time required to read it. Lee has a lively, breezy style, in spite of discussing challenging technology applied to a wide-ranging, thought-provoking subject matter, and he brings great insight and expertise to one of the more important topics of this century. Unlike most policy books that are much discussed but rarely read, this book deserves to be read. I will devote my review to critiquing the book, but nonetheless I strongly recommend it.

Lee is one of the world’s top artificial intelligence (AI) researchers and a major force in technology startups in China. He was legendary in Microsoft because of his role in Microsoft’s leadership in speech recognition. He created Google’s research office in China, and then started a major incubator that he still runs. Lee embodies a rare combination of formidable technical prowess and managerial success, so it is not surprising that he has...



McAfee served as chief economist of Yahoo (2007–2012) and Microsoft (2014–2018) and as a research director at Google (2012–2014). McAfee has a contract to advise the FCC on repurposing satellite communications spectrum. In addition, he advises Telescent, a network switching company; Prysm, a blockchain governance company; Merlin, an online employment market; CG, a digital security company in stealth mode; OpenX, a digital advertising exchange; and the Luohan Academy, a not-for-profit research institute created by Alibaba. He also serves on the visiting committee of the MIT Institute for Data, Systems and Society and on the boards of the Pardee-Rand Graduate School and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.

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