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Immigrants and Refugees: Trauma, Personal Mourning, and Border Psychology, by Vamik D. Volkan, Karnac, London, 2017, 118pp.

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It is a late afternoon in high summer. The tax-free zone of the Northern European airport is heaving with humanity. Some jostling, some sauntering, others assessing the wares: the cigarettes, chocolates, and discounted liquors. Mirrored sunglasses are displayed on video screens against hang-gliders and California surfers, smiling at us from halfway around the world. Attractive boutiques feature Danish cafetieres, Italian handbags, and Chinese silks. The seats in the food court are full; and the tables are filthy with litter as customers sipping designer coffees turn their attentions in competitive search for an available power point to charge their electronic devices.

This transient snapshot reflects the most equalizing demonstration of toleration in our globalizing world: the external signs of difference, the hijab, the kippah, the dhoti, together with piercings, tattoos, and business casual, are all held in ticketed, validated passage from one place to another. All is calm in this...


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