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Respect, plurality, and prejudice: A psychoanalytical and philosophical enquiry into the dynamics of social exclusion and discrimination

  • Edward Weisband
Book Review

Lene Auestad Karnac Books, London, 2015, 310 pp., $53.95 paper, ISBN-13: 978-1-782-20139-7

Prejudice, discrimination and varied forms of social exclusion exact immeasurable human cost and suffering seemingly everywhere in the modern world. The broad manifestation of prejudice adheres to categorical reifications congealed around fixed, fixated, and substantialist forms of contempt as witnessed across many cultures. But essentialist categories arise and gain traction in ways calibrated to the specific power formations and social dynamics of any national society and traditional community. The consequences include social subordination, political domination and economic exploitation, but these too operate differently within contrasting historical formations. Discriminatory practices, exclusivist doctrines, and forms of prejudicial justification are thus universally similar but culturally different in their origins, causes and reinforcements.

Categorical assumptions embedded within...

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  • Edward Weisband
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