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Sexual ambiguities

  • Derek Hook
Book Review

Geneviève Morel Karnac, London, 2011, 302 pp., $38.22 paper, ISBN: 978-1-85575-584-0

Geneviève Morel has the gift of pithy formulation, of introducing a Lacanian concept in a way that is readily accessible and largely free of the proliferation of technical jargon that mars so much of the specialized literature in the field. She notes, for example, while discussing Freud’s Dora case in the book’s fourth chapter, that “the pivot of hysteria is the identification with the jouissanceof the father as castrated” (p. 94). This, it seems to me, strikes to the core of hysterical structure in a way that is economical, direct and free of the encumbering theoretical obfuscation that is so often the norm in the Lacanian literature. Hysteria is perhaps the most difficult Freudian-Lacanian clinical structure to précis, and this succinct outline does better than most to offer us a straightforward working definition that might usefully serve the clinician in the psychotherapeutic realm. Morel’s...

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