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Structural Stability and Reconfiguration of International Joint Ventures


Previous research suggests that international joint ventures (IJVs) are inherently unstable and fragile. This view has failed, however, to explain why many IJVs have an extended longevity and stability. This paper draws on two contrasting perspectives from organization theory (structural instability and structural inertia) to trace both the destabilizing and stabilizing forces in IJVs, and argues that a complete understanding of an IJV's dynamic evolution requires consideration of both forces.

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*Aimin Yan (Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University) is Assistant Professor OF Organizational Behavior in the School of Management of Boston University. His current research focuses on interpartner dynamics and change in international joint ventures. He is also interested in organizational governance and legality in transforming economies.

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Yan, A. Structural Stability and Reconfiguration of International Joint Ventures. J Int Bus Stud 29, 773–795 (1998).

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