The rise of right-time marketing

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The way marketers communicate with customers is being irrevocably altered. The proliferation of channels, customer touch points and product offerings is creating unprecedented marketing opportunities. At the same time, response rates are decreasing, privacy regulations are tightening and consumers are looking for technologies to enhance their ability to filter marketing efforts. Customers are demanding that marketers communicate when and how it is convenient for them.

No matter where in the world companies are based, their business managers and marketers must be aware of the growing consumer backlash that is driving governments to support regulations to protect individuals' privacy. Regardless of the channels used, marketers cannot ignore the effect this growing privacy movement will have on marketing strategy. New regulations and customer attitudes will require a shift in marketing strategies across all industries and will result in fewer, more restrictive avenues for acquiring and communicating with customers.

Knowledgeable marketers can use these events to differentiate their companies. This paper discusses the key privacy and technology initiatives that affect both business-to-consumer (B-to-C) and business-to-business (B-to-B) marketers, and outlines the forces and regulations driving the privacy movement. Most importantly, it presents breakthrough, effective strategies that marketers can use to bridge the gap between companies and customers in this new marketing age.


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