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Capturing the essence of a brand from its history: The case of Scottish tourism marketing


History has a habit of repeating itself but many people tend to forget this. This paper sets out to show how the history of Scottish tourism becomes a pattern for the future. In a climate of consumer trends, such as escapism, wellbeing and culture, the past becomes a retrospect of the future. By focusing on experience, cultural capital and authenticity, a marketing proposition is created through a brand essence that reinforces the philosophy that history is the future.

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Correspondence to Ian Yeoman.

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2was a senior academic at the University of Glasgow, but now teaches at the University of Stirling. He is author of a number of works on the history of tourism in Scotland including Scotland for the Holidays: Tourism in Scotland c.1780–1939, which was published in 2003, and Water is best. Hydropathy and Health Tourism (in press).

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Yeoman, I., Durie, A., McMahon-Beattie, U. et al. Capturing the essence of a brand from its history: The case of Scottish tourism marketing. J Brand Manag 13, 134–147 (2005).

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