The new imperatives for global branding: Strategy, creativity and leadership


This paper argues that the combination of strategy, creativity and leadership is going to be the key to the success of global brands in the coming decade. It also states that one needs to understand how these three disciplines interact, and specifically how this interaction may differ across the markets where the brand is active.

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1runs a Netherlands-based global branding consultancy, Brand Meta ( He is also the co-founder of Placebrands Ltd, a firm dedicated to helping cities, regions and countries define their purpose and achieve their full potential. He is the author of ‘Global Brand Strategy — Unlocking Brand Potential Across Countries, Cultures and Markets’ (Kogan Page, 2003).

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van Gelder, S. The new imperatives for global branding: Strategy, creativity and leadership. J Brand Manag 12, 395–404 (2005).

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