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Demand for port traffic by type of good in Spain: 1995.I-2007.IV


This research analyses the demand functions for imports and exports of Spanish ports by type of good for the period 1995.I-2007.IV. From a conventional theoretical model, basic hypotheses are formulated regarding the behaviour of traded goods prices, transport prices and the different levels of income. The use of cointegration econometric techniques for estimating short- and long-term maritime demand functions of imports and exports give us the possibility to obtain the price elasticities of traded goods, the price elasticity of the shipping service and also the income elasticity. In general terms, all elasticities conform to the hypotheses (positive for income and negative for traded product prices and transport prices). The results can be used to assess the effects of price fluctuations on the volume of imports and exports and, hence, to carry out forecasts on international trade and maritime transport.

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This research has been supported financially by the Ministry of Development of Spain (Ministerio de Fomento de España) with the project ECOMODALUMLANDPORT (E11/2008).

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  • import and export functions
  • demand
  • maritime transport
  • price and income elasticities