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, Volume 63, Issue 3, pp 375–376 | Cite as

Mini-Symposium on International Banking

  • Claudia M Buch
  • Linda S Goldberg

Formed in 2012, the International Banking Research Network (IBRN) brings together central bank researchers from around the globe to analyze issues pertaining to global banks. The financial crisis provided the impetus for the group and revealed the importance of understanding the functioning of cross-border banking and overcoming limitations on analysis posed by constraints on sharing microbanking data.

Researchers within this network have set several goals: shedding light on the causes, channels, and consequences of shock transmission through internationally active banks; providing analysis of bank-level data sets at national levels and sharing results to facilitate joint insights from different banking systems; studying heterogeneity in the adjustments of banks; and exploring domestic and international consequences of policies relevant for these banks.

The mini-symposium published in this issue of the IMF Economic Reviewcontains the results of the first initiative of the IBRN....

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  • Claudia M Buch
  • Linda S Goldberg

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