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making feminist sense of no-platforming

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  1. I use the term ‘trans-exclusionary feminism’ rather than the more commonly used ‘trans-exclusionary radical feminism’ (TERF) as the exclusion of trans women from the feminist family extends beyond those who identify as radical feminists and not all radical feminists hold trans-exclusionary views. TERF, widely assumed to be a slur, was coined by cisgendered radical feminists to distinguish themselves from trans-positive or neutral feminists. See Williams (2014).

  2., ‘Cardiff University: Do not host Germaine Greer.’ [last accessed 28 February 2016].

  3. See The, ‘We cannot allow censorship and silencing of individuals’, [last accessed 28 February 2016].


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This article benefited from conversations with Aidan Rowe, Aline Courtois and Gavan Titley.


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