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pro-choice: all the way to the sex-selection gallows

  • Rahila Gupta
Open Space

Over the last few months, the debate on abortion rights has been rekindled yet again. However, instead of the debate being conducted between the usual suspects of the pro-choice and pro-life lobbies, the fault lines emerged within the pro-choice lobby itself. As some evidence seemed to be emerging about the prevalence of sex-selective abortion in the United Kingdom, the debate revolved around the question of whether the right to abortion was so sacrosanct that we should defend it even when it is used to abort female foetuses. Should we defend a woman’s right to choose even if it involves female foeticide?

Attempts to limit, erode or end a woman’s right to choose an abortion have surfaced from time to time in the United Kingdom, ever since abortion was legalised in 1967. Medical advances that allow a foetus to be viable at an increasingly early stage, in particular, have driven a juggernaut into abortion rights, with the legal limit having been reduced from twenty eight weeks to twenty...


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