governing migrant populations in france, germany and the united kingdom

  • luke b wood

Book reviewed: The political economy of border drawing: Arranging legality in European labor migration politics Regine Paul (New York: Berghan Books, 2015), xi+228 pp., ISBN: 978-1782385417

The advanced industrialized democracies of the North Atlantic have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of migrants entering their borders in recent years. Deteriorating economic and security conditions in Mexico and Central America have forced thousands of Latin Americans to seek economic opportunity and safety in the United States and Canada. The collapse of governments in North Africa and the Middle East, combined with the onset of civil war and sectarian violence in addition to the growth in the strength of terrorist organizations, have caused thousands to flee to Southern and Central Europe, creating the largest migrant crisis in that region since the end of World War II. The introduction of thousands of migrants in North America and Europe reinvigorated divisive and polarizing debates on...

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