The changing face of public sector employment 1999–2009


This article presents an analysis of public sector employment (PSE) and makes comparisons with the private sector, using data from the Labour Force Survey and Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings. It looks at the nature of employment in the public sector before discussing the characteristics that differentiate people employed in both the public and private sector, comparing proportions of public and private sector workers in different groups: by sex, age, ethnicity, disability, working pattern, education, occupation and earnings. This article serves as an update to the 2007 Economic and Labour Market Review (ELMR) article ‘Characteristics of public sector workers’ (Machin and Millard 2007).

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Looks at the numbers and characteristics of those employed in the public sector compared to the private sector

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Matthews, D. The changing face of public sector employment 1999–2009. Econ Lab Market Rev 4, 28–35 (2010).

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