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People's Front in Defence of Land, San Salvador Atenco: A testimony

  • Martha Pérez Pineda
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Martha Pérez Pineda gives her statement of the Peoples Front in Defence of the Land (The Peoples Front in Defence of Land (Frente del Pueblo en Defensa de la Tierra, FPDT) was formed in 2002, by residents of San Salvador Atenco, to resist their forced displacement by the federal government of Mexico and Estado de Mexico. The government planned to displace them to make way for the new Mexico City Airport. The people of San Salvador Atenco refused and battled, the most common fights were disputes for land. San Salvador Atenco is the municipal seat of Atenco, in the State of Estado de México. The name ‘Atenco’ comes from a Nahuatl phrase meaning ‘place on the edge of water’ and their struggle over ten years to defend their land, close to Mexico, from the construction of a new airport and motorways.


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