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Table 1 Channel usage at different buying stages in cosmetics shopping

From: Mapping customer journeys in multichannel decision-making

Observed stages Description Primary channel used
Orientation/inspiration/horizon scanning At this stage, consumers do not think of themselves as shopping. They are consciously or unconsciously scanning the marketplace and referring to their own previous experience Friends, bloggers, product reviews, videos (from YouTube and social networks), magazines, product display (in-store and online), prior experience
Information search Consumers have intention to shop and search for information prior to shopping. They try to get directed information from product reviews, ratings and swatches Blogs, videos, review sites and friends
Evaluation Consumers narrow down the choice of purchase and search more information on price, physical attributes, availability and purchase channels. Trying product in-store and browsing product online are widely reported at this stage Physical store, online store, mobile channel, as well as friends, social media for confirmation
Purchase At this stage, consumers make a decision regarding final purchase. Physical store was the most preferred point of purchase for cosmetics product, followed by the online store Physical store or online store
Post-purchase Consumers tend to share their shopping experience through word of mouth (WOM). Offline WOM, telling friends about their cosmetics experience, was more widely reported than eWOM through social media Friends and/or social media