Introducing short-term brands: A new branding tool for a new consumer reality


Consumers exhibit recently an unprecedented willingness to try new brands and a preference for brand-variety over brand-loyalty (even loyalty to a consistent repertoire of brands), resulting in damage to brand survivability. To cope, marketers now need an additional tool to the familiar Long-Term Brand (LTB): the professional creation and management of profitable Short-Term Brands (STB).

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1Dan Herman, PhD runs his own firm and is a consultant on competitive strategy and brand development to some of Israel's most prominent corporations. Dr. Herman lectures at the Bar-llan University in the Master of Communications program where he also serves as an MA Thesis Adviser, and at the Management College in the MBA program. Positions held in the past include: Senior VP at Dahaf Group, a leading marketing communications agency, CEO of Cyrano — Competitive Strategy Consultants, Executive Marketing Director of Migdal, Israel's leading insurance and financial services group, and Executive Director of Strategy and Research at Baumann-Ber Advertising (Saatchi & Saatchi). Among the many organisations he has worked with are: Apple Computers, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Motorola, Holiday Inn, Suzuki, Chrysler, Warner Brothers, as well as Israel's leading companies in the fields of banking, telecommunications, dairy products, public transportation, drugstore chains and many government agencies and political parties. He is author of numerous journal articles and serves on the editorial board of Otot — a monthly publication of the Israeli Advertisers Association.

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