Journal of Brand Management

, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 241–255 | Cite as

The Reputation QuotientSM: A multi-stakeholder measure of corporate reputation

  • Charles J FombrunEmail author
  • Naomi A Gardberg
  • Joy M Sever
Academic Paper


Measures of corporate reputation currently in widespread use suffer from fundamental methodological and conceptual weaknesses. This paper begins with a brief overview of the reputation construct and its expected dimensionality. It then examines some of the major indices in use and documents their principal weaknesses. A new instrument is proposed — ‘the reputation quotientSM (RQ) — to measure corporate reputations and establish its empirical validity and reliability through focus groups and pilot studies. It concludes that the reputation quotient is a robust measure of corporate reputations that considerably improves the state of the art in reputation measurement.


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  • Charles J Fombrun
    • 1
    Email author
  • Naomi A Gardberg
  • Joy M Sever
  1. 1.New York University, Stern School of BusinessNew YorkUSA

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