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Charity involvement and customer preference for charity brands

  • Roger BennettEmail author
  • Helen Gabriel
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This paper presents the results of an empirical investigation into the factors which caused a sample of 220 consumers to prefer to purchase products supplied by charitable organisations under charity brand names. The relative influences of product involvement, certain variables known to encourage or discourage individuals to donate to charity, and a person's involvement with charitable giving of itself were examined together with items concerning self-image and the symbolic attractiveness of charity support. It emerged that product involvement exerted a significantly negative effect, and charity involvement a significantly positive effect on the desire to purchase charity brands and willingness to pay more for goods with an overt charity affiliation. Product involvement turned out to be a unidimensional construct and charity involvement a two-dimensional construct so far as this sample of respondents was concerned. Symbolic associations with charity giving had a powerful impact on the demand for charity brands.


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