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Militant democracy: Undemocratic political parties and beyond

  • Nienke Bos
Book Review

Svetlana Tyulkina Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon and New York, 2015, 236pp., £90, ISBN: 978-1138016422

The question whether to tolerate the intolerant is central to militant democracy, which is defined as ‘the set of preventive legal measures that might restrict certain rights and freedoms to protect democracy from being destroyed by internal anti-democratic forces’ (p. 206). The contributors to this field of research have been diverse, ranging from legal and constitutional scholars to philosophers and political scientists. Tyulkina’s book tries to combine these disciplines. She aims to provide a broad comparative look at the legal concept of militant democracy (p. 1) through country studies of several applications of militant democracy. Germany, Spain, India, Israel, Australia, Turkey and the European Court of Human Rights make for a very variegated case selection. This book quite convincingly shows that militant democracy can be used to neutralise various internal threats despite the fact...



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