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Jenny Thompson and Sherry Thompson: The Kremlinologist: Llewellyn E. Thompson, America’s Man in Cold War Moscow

Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2018, 600 pp, £26.55, ISBN: 9781421424545
  • Thomas Tunstall AllcockEmail author
Book Review

As one of the State Department’s foremost Soviet experts during the first decades of the Cold War, Llewellyn “Tommy” Thompson had a remarkable career in the service of the US government, encompassing early postings in colonial Ceylon to SALT negotiations in the early 1970s, via the ambassador’s residence in Moscow and the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis. In this richly detailed, extensively researched, and beautifully written biography, Thompson’s daughters Jenny and Sherry make clear just how remarkable their father’s life was, producing a book rich in personal detail and firmly grounded in the context of the global Cold War in which Thompson operated. Demonstrating the breadth and depth of his involvement, the first 80 pages of a roughly 600-page book trace Thompson’s role in the Yalta conference, the founding of the UN, the Potsdam conference, the Truman Doctrine, the drafting of NSC-68 and Joseph McCarthy’s attacks on the State Department, all occurring before...


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