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Left Populism: the second coming of pluralistic democracy

  • J-Ren OngEmail author
Book Review

Book reviewed For a Left Populism, Chantal Mouffe (London, Verso, 2018), 112 pp., ISBN: 978-1786637550.

The neoliberal hegemony is in crisis. Across Western Europe, anti-establishment sentiment has been ignited, manifested by the rise of populist parties on the Left and the Right. In her most recent book, For a Left Populism, Chantel Mouffe calls for the Left to seize the current populist moment to achieve a more democratic society. Through a populist strategy, she suggests that the Left must establish a political frontier between ‘the people’ and the ‘oligarchy’ to usher in the second coming of the democratic principles of popular sovereignty and equality. To Mouffe, a plurality of political projects is essential to democracy; without this plurality there would be no political choice, and democracy would die the slow death of consensus. Yet, Left populism is also described as a hegemonic political project. This leads to the question if Mouffe’s particular hegemonic project of Left...



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