The politics of Neoliberalism (in Europe’s periphery)

  • Aldo MadariagaEmail author
Review Article

From Triumph to Crisis: Neoliberal Economic Reform in Postcommunist Countries

Hilary Appel and Mitchell A. Orenstein

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2018, 254pp., £24.99, ISBN: 9781108381413 (paperback)

Neoliberalism as a State Project: Changing the Political Economy of Israel

Asa Maron and Michael Shalev (eds.)

Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2017, 240pp., £55.00, ISBN: 9780198793021 (hardback)

Ruling Ideas: How Global Neoliberalism Goes Local

Cornell Ban

Oxford University Press, New York, 2016, 312pp., £24.49 ISBN: 9780190600396 (paperback)


Neoliberalism is here to stay, both as an empirical phenomenon and as a concept. Although many predicted and expected the demise of neoliberalism after the 2007–2008 crisis, a series of works have shown neoliberalism’s surprising “non-death” and “resilience” (Crouch 2011; Mirowski 2013; Schmidt and Thatcher 2013). Similarly, while it is widely acknowledged that neoliberalism has become a polysemic and contested concept,...


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