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Learning, Migration and Intergenerational Relations: The Karen and the Gift of Education

By Pia Jolliffe, Palgrave Macmillan, Hardcover, London, UK, 2016, 180 pp, £60.00
  • In Cheol JangEmail author
Book Review

Learning, Migration and Intergenerational Relations describes how minor ethnic groups engage with education, particularly when they are marginalized and displaced. This book sheds light on the case of the Karen and the value they place on education, perceived as a gift (p. 12). The study follows the Karen community in different locations and highlights intergenerational relations centering on education.

Although the world currently faces an unprecedented number of migrants, there has been little in-depth research into the relations between migration and education (Bartlett et al. 2015). In addition, almost all existing studies take a broader perspective of migration and education than the scope of Jolliffe’s book, and the studies do not examine the migrants’ own perspective on the meaning and value of education.

Dr. Jolliffe’s ethnographic study focuses on a specific ethnic group (the Karen in Burma and Thailand) and looks at the relationship between migration and education in detail....


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