Review of Lemieux, Frederic, Intelligence and state surveillance in modern societies, Bingley, Emerald Publishing, 2019, xv + 254 pp. Hardback. $68.37. ISBN: 978-1-78769-172-8

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Frederic Lemieux’s new book provides an empirical survey of trends in state and domestic intelligence. The principal analysis is of the situational, management, and technological changes to the conduct of the full scope of intelligence collection and synthesis. The author begins by defining current distinctions between criminal and national security intelligence, and then, in subsequent chapters, draws meaningful comparisons between them. The book is therefore not focused on intelligence gathering per se, but rather on the terminology, procedures, and issues arising from how intelligence activity is organized and managed.

Intelligence and State Surveillance in Modern Societiesopens with an introduction to the discipline, the process, and limitations of intelligence gathering. Chapter one covers grounding terminology and concepts relevant to the field of intelligence management. Chapter two makes a comparison in the services, objectives, capabilities, and regulations of the Five Eyes...


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