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Psychoanalysis, the NHS, and mental health work today

Alison Vaspe (ed.) Karnac, London, 1st ed., 2017, pp. 320, $48.95 paper, ISBN: 978-1782203681
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In 1985, having returned to Ireland for my father’s final illness, I was standing beside his bedside when the chief physician came by on his morning rounds. After he had inspected my dad from the foot of the bed, I approached him for a progress report but he walked away. My mother later explained that, since my dad was a “medical card patient,” the doctor would not speak to us on the ward. We would have to see the doctor at his consulting office to get any information, and it was essential to have £40 visible to lubricate the conversation. Thirty years later, and following the unprecedented economic boom known as the Celtic Tiger, Ireland’s public health service is in tatters due to the elimination of physician and nurse positions, and the development of a costly and bloated regulatory structure. Currently, there are 530,000 people on waiting lists for essential inpatient and outpatient services (Cullen, 2016). In 2016, a year in which typically more than 500 patients spend...


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