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White Latino privilege: Caribbean Latino perspectives in the second decade of the 21st century

Gabriel Haslip-Viera, ed., Latino Studies Press, New York, 2018, 222 pp., $25.00, ISBN: 978-0692994757 (paperback)
  • Tanya Katerí HernándezEmail author
Book Review

The book White Latino Privilege: Caribbean Latino Perspectives in the Second Decade of the 21st Century, is a modern consideration of the Latino colonial legacies of antiblackness and white supremacy. Its modernity stems from both its conception and analysis rooted in the contemporary discourse of social media. Specifically, when Latino social media commentators recently exploded in outrage in response to blogs and posts considering the role of white skin privilege within Latino communities, the contributors to the White Latino Privilege anthology had the opportunity to observe and deconstruct the contentious discourse. What they discovered was a disturbing resistance to acknowledging how differently Latinos can be racially positioned depending on their pigment, phenotype and hair texture. White Latino Privilege views that resistance as a Latino ethnic nationalism that elevates a color-blind notion of Latinidad.

The editor, Gabriel Haslip-Viera, wisely assembled contributions that...


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