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New directions in Latinx comics studies: A review of monographs on Latinx superheroes, the Hernandez brothers, and Lalo Alcaraz

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Book Review

Lalo Alcaraz: Political cartooning in the Latino community (Great Comics Artists Series). Héctor D. Fernández L’Hoeste, University Press of Mississippi, 2017, 224 pp., $65, ISBN: 978-1496811370 (paperback).

Latinx superheroes in mainstream comics. Frederick Luis Aldama, University of Arizona Press, 2017, 232 pp., $22.95, ISBN: 978-0816537082 (paperback).

The Hernandez brothers: Love, rockets, and alternative comics (Latino and Latin American Profiles). Enrique Garcia, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2017, 192 pp., $26.95, ISBN: 978-0822964926 (paperback).

Last year saw the publication of at least three excellent monographs that place contemporary and classic Latinx comics in a broader cultural context: Hector Fernández L’Hoeste’s Lalo Alcaraz: Political Cartooning in the Latino Community, Fredrick Luis Aldama’s Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics, and Enrique Garcia’s The Hernandez Brothers: Love, Rockets, and Alternative Comics.Read together, these monographs paint a fascinating...

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