To our reviewers … Muchas gracias!

Thank You to Reviewers

Our reviewers make an invaluable contribution toward ensuring the ongoing high quality and warm reception of our journal. Their rigorous, punctual and balanced reviews of the latest publications in the field have assisted enormously in ensuring that we continue to be the foremost venue for scholarly conversation in the field of Latino studies today.

As we begin our journal’s seventeenth volume, we want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the reviewers of the articles we published and those we considered for publication in volume 16. We truly value your expertise and continued support of Latino Studies.

Muchas gracias to …

Leisy Abrego

Christina Abreu

María Acosta Cruz

Frederick Aldama

Carolina Barrera-Tobón

Amina Chaudhri

Arlene Dávila

Julie Dowling

Kenya Dworkin

Lisa Garcia Bedolla

Marie Gaytán

Christopher González

Celeste González de Bustamante

Katie Grimes

Noah Hass-Cohen

Patricia Herrera

Felipe Hinojosa

Nicole King

Carmen Lamas

Debra Linsch

Nancy López

Rosina Márquez-Reiter

Yolanda Martínez San Miguel

Ana P. Martínez-Donate

Antonio Medina

Carmen Nanko-Fernández

Frances Negrón-Mutaner

Rosalyn Negrón

Michael Newman

Gabriela Núñez

Vanessa Pérez Rosario

Allison Perlman

Susan Reed

Shannon Rose Riley

Erin Rowe

Cinthya Saavedra

Lisa Sánchez

Patricia Silver

Lucía Suárez

Eva María Suárez Budenbender

Mercedes ter Maat

Corinne Valadez

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