Domestic economies: Women, work, and the American dream in Los Angeles

Susanna Rosenbaum, Duke University Press, Durham and London, 2017, 248 pp, $24.95, ISBN: 978-0822370024 (paperback)
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Domestic Economies: Women, Work, and the American Dream in Los Angeles, by Susanna Rosenbaum, draws from ethnographic research of Latina domestic workers and their employers to account for the ways in which productive and reproductive labor shape and are shaped by social identity. In the preface, Rosenbaum calls attention to her standpoint as researcher, grounding this book in a sense of self-awareness that is maintained throughout. She notes her position as an American woman born in Guatemala, but iterates that this position and Latina identity cannot be homogenized into an oversimplified relation with her research subjects; although Rosenbaum carried a personal interest going into this research stemming from this kinship, she also is aware that, even though the process of “becoming a full-fledged gringa” was a painful and difficult one, she nonetheless holds a different socioeconomic status than the domestic workers in this research.

This heterogeneity is a common thread throughout...

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